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When learning to drive a car you get behind the wheel to practice but not before understanding the rules of the road. This guide is a driver’s manual for budding entrepreneurs ready to start a business.


Your Instruction Manual for Start-ups

Have you ever bought something that looks great online or in a showroom but when delivered it arrives in piece parts to be assembled with instructions that make no sense? If you think those poorly translated manuals from overseas are hard to follow try starting a business from scratch the first time. This start-up guide was created to help new entrepreneurs figure out the tools needed to join piece A with B that connect to C.

Many of the business books out there give advice on how to grow and become successful by focusing on venture capital funding, hiring superstar employees, pivoting, faster product development and other growth strategies that have worked in Silicon Valley tech ventures. There isn’t anything out there that gives you the down and dirty details when starting from ground zero. This guide discusses how to:

  • Determine if it’s better to file as a C Corp or LLC
  • Protect the business if a co-founder leaves
  • Effectively use trademarks, copyrights and patents
  • Understand the implications of funding options
  • Create a memorable company name and logo

There are so many great ideas that could’ve become the next McDonald’s, Facebook, Walmart or GE but ran into avoidable troubles by skipping some basic legwork. Don’t let your start-up end up on the scrap heap before it has a chance for greatness.

The Start-up Flight Plan is currently available in electronic format for e-readers on Amazon that can easily be added to your Kindle account. The ebook along with other start-up consulting services and resources are available here on the Navabiz site.

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