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Let’s talk business! Running your own company is akin to playing poker. Each day you’re dealt a new hand and have to decide  your moves based on other players at the table. You also have to  determine how much you’re willing to risk on each bet. That’s what  owning a business is in a nutshell – making decisions with limited  information and managing risk.

One of the unexpected shocks and challenges for first time  entrepreneurs is handling decision-making overload. Most first time  business owners have spent their entire careers as employees where  authority and influence were limited. Shifting to an environment where  budget and resources are constrained with every move having a direct  impact on one’s livelihood can be overwhelming.

It’s hard to talk with friends and family about what you’re going  through and even your professional network can’t relate because it  consists mostly of people still in an employee state of mind. There are  Meet-up groups and professional organizations in most cities that can  provide some support, but many business owners are not comfortable  asking questions or sharing challenges for fear of creating a bad  impression.

One of the key drivers in starting Navabiz was to help entrepreneurs  through the learning curve as well as tough times. People are  comfortable communicating in variety ways depending on the situation, so  we’ve created several options to meet these needs.

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Startup Solutions

Don't go thru the entrepreneurial journey alone.

The entrepreneur journey can be a very challenging and lonely path to take. You need someone that has been down that road and will help work through your unique issues, hurdles and opportunities.

Market Research

Find your market niche.

Understanding where your products and services fit in the market and how to position them in the minds of potential customers is the key to success. We can help you figure it all out.

Strategy & Brand Dev

Maximize your brand.

Brand isn't about a logo but how your products and services make customers feel. It starts with your marketing and flows all the way through to customer support. Let us help weave your brand environment.