Resources – Online

It seems there are an endless number of websites focused on supporting or empowering start-ups and small businesses. Here are a few that I’ve found helpful with most also listed in the Start-up Flight Plan Guide.

General Resources

Ted Talks with business slant

Anreessen Horowitz – venture capital insights

Social Media Examiner – resource for social media knowledge

Mission and vision statements creation by Psychology Today – basics of mission and vision statements

Zana – videos about running a business


Business Resources

Kickstarter – crowdsourcing funding site

Indiegogo – crowdsourcing funding site

B Lab – how to become a B corporation

US Patent & Trademark Office – U.S. government site for patents and trademarks

Easy Whois – search availability of domain names

Federation of Tax Administrators – business tax information

US Copyright Office – U.S. government copyright site

FTC Warranty Guide – information on warranty requirements

Insurance Information Institute – information on business insurance

Applying for EIN – get an employer ID number

Census Bureau – research information in U.S.

SEC – U.S. Government business designations

Foundersuite – software and templates for startups