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Helping the Underdogs Succeed

Small businesses are perpetually playing the dark horse role. We  provide the most effective tools, resources and training to help  aspiring and hustling entrepreneurs succeed.

Our team has advanced degrees in technology, business and hard knocks, so we understand the challenges and payoffs. Let’s talk to determine how Navabiz can help make your business successful!

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Running a small business or getting a start-up off the ground can be  challenging and lonely. Sometimes you need someone to provide a unique perspective, unbiased viewpoint or new ideas. Let's talk!

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What people are saying


"I GREATLY appreciate your assistance in developing the proposal and making us a viable bidder." 

- Jane, Morrison Consulting, Inc.


"Thanks for the completely professional way you handle the project: taking care of all issues; appearing and acting professionally; and getting work done on time. Makes my life a lot easier."

- Robert, Flatiron Consulting


"Great job! And I REALLY appreciate the quick turn around. Thank you again for the hard work!"

- Melanie, Cisco